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Reduce Weight To get Slim Body

(18 tips and Tricks)

Many people will get slim body to reach beauty, loveliness. To get success achieve the goal you have attach every factor that have made you over-weighted  including maintain your over-weight. Tips and tricks  below can you do  :

 1. Eat less fat

If you eat much fat, you must reduce the daily intake of fat, to do so:Choose fat poor fish, fat poor meat/beef, chicken, turkey, mushrooms and other food sources with law fat content as the main components for dishes.Cut away visible fat from meat or other food sources. 

  • Do not add much margarine, butter or oil to your food.
  • When you fry something, try to use as little fatty smear in the pan as possible.


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2. Eat less sugar  

 If you eat much sugar, reduce your daily intake of free sugar, or bounded sugar as in flour, potatoes and the like:  

  • Do not add much sugar to your food.
  • You may also need to consume less bread, potatoes, peas and beans, if you eat very much of it, but do not stop eating these kinds of food, since they contain valuable nutrients. However, use bread made of full corn.


 3. Avoid excessive alcohol consume  

Alcohol contains energy, and will be transformed to fat, if you consume too much of it.  

4. Avoid preprocessed food with added and often hidden fat or sugar  

 Some food contains a great amount of hidden fat or sugar, especially fast food, snacks or preprocessed food.  

  • Therefore you should avoid eating much of products like: cakes, sweet drinks, snacks, chocolate, ice-cream or fast-food.
  • You should also buy all the food you use in a natural form, and make your dishes yourself. Then you achieve an absolute control over the amount of fat and sugar in your dishes.
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5. Eat less altogether, but do not starve yourself  

 Having reduced the amount of sugar and fat from your diet, you may fall to the temptation of eating more than before, because the new composition of your food does not satisfy your hunger. You should be aware of, and avoid this trap.  

  • When trying to loose weight, you should reduce the total amount of the food you eat.
  • However, you should not starve yourself. To starve will only make you tired and sick, and then make you interrupt your efforts to get slim.

6. Eat regularly  

 Regular eating habits will give you a stable blood sugar level, help you control your appetite and normalize your fat burning physiology.  

  • You should eat three or four meals each day.
  • Each meal should contain the same moderate amount of sugar and fat.
  • Each meal should contain some protein sources like fish, meat, eggs, mushrooms or protein-rich seeds, and in every means be as nutritionally complete as possible.


7. Increase your daily physical activity  

Physical activity increases fat burning and will help you control your appetite.  

  • Do some daily exercises of a kind that increases energy consumption: Jogging, cycling, swimming, ball play, skiing, and so on.
  • Do also some exercises to increase your muscular volume, since muscles will burn fat, for example weight lifting.
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8. Find some new hobby or interest  

If you find yourself some new hobby or leisure activity, you will avoid boredom and the temptation to over-eat because you are bored. Try also to do interesting activities together with other people. The new activities will also give you less time to only sit eating.  


9. You still need proteins and some fat and carbohydratesEven though you should reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrates in the diet, you still need some fat. The fat in fat fish, nuts, almonds and sunflower is good for your health in moderate amount. Therefore you should have some of all of these food types in your diet. Variate between all these food types to get a mixture of several good fat types.You also need carbohydrates as in full corn cereals and fruit, but without added sugar.  Therefore full corn cereals, full corn bread, fruit and vegetables should be a part of your diet.It is also necessary to consume enough proteins. Good protein sources are lean fish, lean meat, mushrooms, seafood and foul.  

10. Eat healthy food to increase your fat burning capacity  

 A generally healthy diet with all needed proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids will increase the ability to burn fat. You should also eat food in as natural a form as possible, and avoid industrially processed food and fat, like that fat found in margarine.Eating healthy food will also help to get rid of excessive water trapped in the body, and also this will make you slimmer.To read more about a healthy diet, please scroll down.  

11. Bring your appetite under control  

Many of the measures already listed, will also help you to control your appetite. If this still is difficult, this problem may be attacked by specific means:  

  • Daily meditation can help to relax your mind and gain control.
  • Psychological counseling may be necessary.

12. The ratio between fat and sugar in your diet  

The total mount of fat and carbohydrates combined, is a key factor in causing obesity, not fat alone or carbohydrates alone. In some weight loosing regimes, one eats very little carbohydrates, and fairly much fat. In others one eats fairly much carbohydrates, and very little fat. The proponents of each type of regime claim that their approach helps the body to burn fat better.Probably people are different, and react differently when trying to manipulate the diet in these ways. As a first approach, it is probably not wise to try such extreme approaches. However, if you have brought your eating habits under control, and still not achieved a satisfactory result, you can try to manipulate the fat/carbohydrate ratio to see if this will help. But do not stop consuming fat or charbohydrates altogether. You will always need some essential fatty acids in your diet and some useful carbohydrates called glyconutriens.13. Get sleep during the whole nightYou should should get sleep during the whole night. Night waking has proven to regulate down the the total 24 hours bodily activity, and is a causal factor of over-weight.  

14. Avoid night eating  

 You should also not eat during the night. Meals during night has a greater tendency to be converted to fat.  

15. Use of herbs and herbal preparations to ease weight loss  

The spices cayenne and ginger have proven to speed up the metabolism. Cayenne also increases the blood flow in tissues. These effects then accellerate the burning of fat and sugar, and can help the slimming effort. Cayenne also helps to regulate an abnormal appetite. It is therefore wise to include these spices in your daily cooking. Coffeine and coffeine-like compound in many herbs also speed up the metabolic break-down of fat and sugar. A moderate consume of coffee or tea can therefore also help the slimming process.  

 The herbal ingredient Pinnothine form the south Asian tree Pinus Coreanensis and the herb Hodia Gordonii from Africa has proven to regulate down an excessive appetite.  

 There are many herbal preparations on the market containing the mentioned and other herbs to help slimming, and using such a preparation during the weight loss project, can be of help.  

Herbal preparations can have one or more of these effects: Increased fat or sugar burning, increased vigour and ability to be active, reduction of appetite, reduced fat or sugar uptake from the intestines.  

Herbal preparations that reduce appetite, or preparations that reduce the uptake of sugar and fat from the intestines should be used only a limited period and within recommanded doses. Also herbal products to increase fat and sugar burning may be recommanded for use only a certain period, and within certain doses.  

16. Pharmacological medicines to ease weight loss  

 Historically amphetamine and several amphetamine derivates has been used to speed up fat burning and to lower the appetite. Due to the chance of getting addicted and other dangerous side effects, amphetamine itself and several of the derivates are by now illegal for this purpose.  

Legal amphetamine-like compounds to ease weight loss on the market today are: Phentermine, diethylpropion, phenidmetrazine, benzphetamine, sibutramine, rimonabant, oxyntomodulin and fluoxetine hydrochloride (Prozac). These preparates work mainly by reducing the appetite, but some of them also increase the metabolic activity.  

Such preparates are generally recommanded to use only a short period, and within strict doses, since they still have some of the side effects of amphetamine   

17. Do not over-consume salt  

Too much salt in the food is not good for the circulatory health. Salt also binds water in the body, and contributes to excessive water or edema in the body tissues. Reducing salt consume will help get rid of this water and also this will reduce the weight and fat apparence.Getting rid of the edema will also make the body more capable to get rid of the excessive fat stored in the body.   

18. Doing yoga exercises  

Some persons report that regular yoga practice has helped them to loose weight. Yoga can make the body work better in every aspect, and it is therefore probable that yoga also will increase the methabolic activities and thereby help to get rid of excessive fat.   

It is even more probable that yoga will improve the fluid circulation in the body, and thus help to reduce also excessive water deposits in the body.   

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